Boar Tech is a software development company made up of young people full of ambition and creation. With the passion to produce new things and professional competence, we achieve various successes in fields such as data analysis service and mobile game development.Through excellent quality and a professional attitude, Boar Tech provides the best products to its customers. Steady development and sustainable operation and growth are our foundational concepts.

Boar Tech values all team members; in addition to a comfortable working environment, we use agile development and flat management and also offer the access to learning and personal development. Boar Tech is full of young and active people with a drive for growth and we welcome those who love challenges and are full of passion to join us.



  • Game development

    All Boar Tech members are game lovers. Through our rich and various gaming experience and out-of-the-box design inspirations, we can address different customer demands and expectations.

    We understand different customers have different expectations from games; therefore, in every project, we carefully find the idea matching the customer’s thoughts and expectations of games. We also integrate our expertise into consumer expectations of games to make every game a masterpiece in the market.

  • Data analysis

    Based on customer demands, we provide a comprehensive service including module establishment, plan reference data, data integration and analysis and homing behavior verification for precise analytics services.

    With the coming of big data era, not only data collection but also professional analysis is necessary. Through rich analysis experience throughout the years and also professional competence, Boar Tech enables all customers to accurately acquire analysis reports beneficial to business development in the big data era and better understand the trends and possibilities of industry, market, and future.

  • Mobile games

    Besides their rich and entertaining content, mobile games must be lightweight as well! By returning to the original spirit of mobile games, Boar Tech is committed to creating lightweight and exquisite mobile games.

    What’s your last time playing a mini mobile game? Most mobile games in the market now focus on higher visual performance and special effects and this leads to large games with less gameplay. Through thinking outside the box, Boar Tech reduces excess special effects and ultra-sophisticated visual performance and puts more emphasis on gameplay design. We aim to bring consumers enjoyable games even when they don’t have a high-end mobile phone.

  • Game development

  • Data analysis

  • Mobile games

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  • Enjoy yourself and achieve

  • Comfortable working environment

  • Relaxing and carefree discussion atmosphere


As a continuously growing group, Boar Tech has the best team members and your contribution can make us even stronger. We welcome those who have passions for the software technology industry and work with confidence to join us ! Seize this opportunity for self-fulfillment.  Submit the following information now and join us to create more dazzling digital sparkles!


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